Tuesday, 30 December 2014

5 Shipping Container Homes That Inspire Your Inner Architect

Modern homes are often a marvel of ingenuity, with their space-saving techniques, interior decor that highlights the best aspects of the home, as well as lighting schemes and other options that can give your home a different look, depending on the time of day. Modern architects are keen to reuse items around them to recycle materials and upcycle existing items.

This is where shipping containers have been used to maximise recycling of old material and boost the modern, chic look of pre-fabricated homes to the max. Let’s look at 5 of the best examples of shipping container homes from around the world.

1] Orange Container Ranch House

Orange Container Ranch House

This excellent example of a modern pre-fabricated shipping container house is a great Idea for those who live out in the middle of nowhere. Its sleek lines and modular design mean that every room in the house looks different from every angle. The multiple full-wall windows bring in ample amount of light during the day and make for perfect evening sunset viewing from the comfort of your fab home.

Made from refrigerated shipping containers, the idea of using existing materials for the construction of a house has come a long way, with modern interior d├ęcor making this house stand out amongst the crowd in terms of a green home.

2] Blue Container Evening Room

Blue Container Evening Room

This fabulous home made from a recycled shipping container has all the great hallmarks of a comfortable and cosy abode. With large windows covering multiple sides of the house, this pretty little blue home makes for a perfect evening read by the fire or a little relaxation time to spend with friends and family.

Built using a single shipping container, this deeply cosy home features a large lounge area, seating for guests as well as a bedroom and bathroom at the far end of the container. It even features a terrace for spending the evening watching the sunset.

3] The New Zealand Beach House

The New Zealand Beach House

This beautifully chic beach house has been constructed in New Zealand on a stunning stretch of beach. Featuring a large open space that looks out over the ocean, this shipping container home has all of the features and amenities you’d expect from any modern house.

Beautifully crafted, intelligently designed, the New Zealand refrigerated shipping container beach house will keep you warm in the evenings and cool during the day. The pitch-perfect beach vacation home!

4] The Forest Cabin Container House

The Forest Cabin Container House

This beautifully crafted shipping container home is the ideal house for anyone who loves to get closer to nature. Featuring reclaimed wood panelling along its walls, large open-walled windows and a second storey, this is truly a dream home. The forest cabin house also features a bedroom that floats over the terrace underneath and includes a larger terrace and viewing platform at the far end.

5] The Shipping Container Mansion

The Shipping Container Mansion

This larger than life shipping container home is one of the largest ever constructed. It includes multiple bedrooms with on-suite bathrooms included, kitchen, living room, dining room and an entertainment room. Built using shipping containers as the base material, the floor plan is extended further with traditional building materials, that turn this ordinary unused box shapes into something truly stunning.

Using recycled materials is a great way to lower the costs of building a home, or making a renovation or extension to an existing property. Why not think of buying an old and unused shipping container to add value to your home as a large shed in the garden, a sun lounge or a simple office located on your property? It could be the ideal place to relax and unwind after a long day.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Dangers of Transporting Foods in Non-Refrigerated Vehicles

Health and well-being are high on the agenda these days when it comes to eating well and exercising more, but have you ever thought about how that ‘healthy’ food made its way to your plate? The best local restaurants and food outlets take pride in offering the very freshest food and produce that comes delivered by the professional refrigerated transport services in Melbourne and with good reason.

Refrigerated transport

Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and other edible produce only tastes its best when it is fresh, which is why some of the best restaurants in the world are located at the source of their best ingredients, but larger cities and more remote locations cannot offer the same produce at the same level. This is where refrigeration comes it to help with keeping the produce as fresh as it possibly can be, from the source to your plate.

Refrigerated fresh foods
Chilled Product Delivery - OFE Refrigerated Service

When Food Goes Bad 

When food isn’t refrigerated, chilled or frozen, it starts to break down in rather disgusting ways. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, this process starts the moment it is picked from the plant, tree or ground. Whilst this process is completely natural, including for fruit and vegetables, the same can be said for just about any consumable food stuff available in the supermarkets.

Rotten foods

We can’t all live on the ocean and catch fresh fish each morning, getting fish as fresh as possible from the sea to your plate has taken many decades of development in refrigeration processes to be able to work in your favour. Refrigerated transport service in Melbourne gives all retail outlets, shops and restaurants the chance to have the freshest foods delivered when it’s needed, at the temperatures best suited to the particular produce.

Regulated Temperature Control

When you pay for the best produce, you deserve the best quality, so by ensuring that your produce is kept at a dedicated regulated temperature, you can be sure that it meets the chef’s approval when it comes to the freshness of the product. Refrigerated transportation allow a selection of produce to be kept at a customisable temperature for long periods of time during transportation, allowing the food to stay fresher, for longer.

Regulated Temperature Control

Costs are also minimised when you take into consideration the losses accredited to food that has gone off or is no longer usable in a commercial or domestic standard. Together with offering a frozen refrigeration level, many professional refrigerated transportation services have vans and trucks capable of storing two or more sets of produce at different temperatures. This is perfect for small restaurants that need both frozen and chilled produce on a daily basis.

Avoid the Risks Associated With Food Poisoning

Along with the foul smell associated with food that has gone bad, the build-up of bacteria and other harmful effects can not only damage your business but wreak havoc with your health. If you buy food fresh and do not use a refrigerated transport service in Melbourne, you may risk in giving yourself or your customers a dangerously high chance of food poisoning.

food poisoning

Whilst farm testing and inoculations are minimising the risks of food contamination, all it takes is a single chicken in a batch of 300 to contaminate your entire restaurant’s supply of Sunday roast. Using a professional refrigerated food delivery service to eliminate the risks associated with food poisoning is the best way to improve customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness in one fell swoop.

Contact your local refrigerated transport services in Melbourne for more information on transporting food produced in accordance with food safety standards. Find out how your business can benefit from the use of refrigerated vans and trucks to deliver your produce as fresh as it can possibly be, and benefit from the excellent economic boost of waste reduction at work or at home.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Choosing a Refrigerated Truck for Your Needs

Refrigerated transport

For large national companies or small private businesses, knowing how to properly transport refrigerated goods will enable you to set higher standards for your business and customers wherever they are. When it comes to delivering fresh food, groceries or other items that rely on low regulated temperatures, finding a reliable solution for your needs could be a little closer to home with OFE Refrigerated Transport.

Cool room hire

Choosing the right vehicle for your needs is a simple choice. With a range of different sized refrigerated transport solutions at your service, your customers will be able to receive their goods in crisp and fresh condition Victoria wide. Take advantage of the wide range of refrigerated vans on offer by choosing the size and type of transport that your business requires most.

Closely Regulated Temperatures

OFE Refrigerated Transport has a range of dual evaporated equipment inside their vehicles to help regulate the temperatures to whatever you require - this allows the transportation of both chilled and frozen foods to be carried at the same time and delivered to meet your busy schedules.

Regulated temperature

Perfect for food service deliveries, if you are a catering company that requires a chilled food storage unit to make your deliveries, why not choose one of the smaller 3 pallets Sprinter vans to allow your produce to be delivered on time, as fresh as it left the kitchen.

For larger businesses that require the transportation of large amounts of frozen produce, why not take advantage of our 24 pallet trucks that can deliver temperature-regulated produce over the long distance. With the addition of the 44-pallet bar trailers, our vehicles have the capacity in its fleet to deliver large amounts of produce to meet your schedule.

Ensure the Freshness of Your Deliveries

Many smaller businesses worry about transporting their food, especially over longer distances and stress about the freshness of their produce when it arrives. You cannot be there for every delivery, but you can ensure freshness of goods thanks to our regulated temperature chilled and frozen storage transportation trucks and vans.

Fresh refrigerated foods

Whilst you cannot re-freeze chilled meats, you can transport them at refrigerator temperatures in OFE’s trucks and vans. The temperature in each vehicle is closely regulated to ensure no loss of freshness or quality over time. Think of our trucks as giant fridges; able to store chilled goods, frozen goods and cold items for as long as a regular fridge or freezer can.

Why not choose OFE Refrigerated Transport for your business when it comes to transporting your food, groceries and produce? Have to get an order of frozen meat to a restaurant by morning? No problem. Have to deliver your chilled foods to a client on a regular basis? We have it covered. With OFE Refrigerated Transport the freshness locks in and the delivery is made.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

5 Things That Should Be Transported By Refrigerated Trucks

If you thought Refrigerated Trucks are only necessary while transporting fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and frozen foods, think again. Any transport company with refrigerated trucks will tell you that fresh produce, prepared frozen food and dairy items to form the bulk of their clients’ businesses. However, they will also tell you that there are lots of other categories who have already started to realise the need for climate controlled transport service.

refrigerated van

So, who else beyond our usual perishables might benefit from temperature controlled and humidity controlled transport? Here’s just a few to get your brain started on whether your business might also benefit from freezer trucks:

1. Pharmaceuticals – this was probably easy to guess. Vaccines and certain medications must be kept at low temperatures to prevent spoiling. For example, Insulin and the seasonal flu vaccine must be shipped and stored at temperatures between 35˚F and 46˚F (should be in Celsius) to prevent spoilage and contamination. Here low temperatures are not preserving good to eat live produce or frozen snacks – here the temperature is preserving live virus! (Yes, it is week strains of virus that are required to create effective vaccines).


2. Chemicals and engineered materials – For products that use chemicals, like films, adhesives etc, the humidity and heat easily erode the quality of the load unless the climate is controlled. For other chemical products, moisture in the air or high heat could potentially cause a dangerous reaction – in these cases, climate control is in the interest of safety as much as it is quality control.

Chemicals and engineered materials

3. Tobacco products – It is not only viruses, but even cigarettes, cigars, and other high-value tobacco items require strictly controlled temperature levels to preserve freshness and quality. Most tobacco companies are now cutting costs by hiring professional third party refrigerated transport companies instead of maintaining their own fleet.

Tobacco products

4. Fine art and antiques – Art museums take great pains to preserve the quality of the artwork they house. It makes sense that they would apply that same standard of care to its transportation. Controlling humidity and temperature is vital for shipments of art, antiques, collectable vehicles, and other valuable items. These items often travel long distances in a controlled climate of about 70˚F (temp. in Celsius)

Fine art and antiques

5. Cosmetics and other personal care products – I saved the best surprise for the last. Yes, it is cosmetics. This industry depends heavily on refrigerated trucks. Cosmetics, perfumes, and other personal care products must be protected against the possibility of spoilage during the journey from factory to warehouse to store. Lipstick, for example, can easily melt unless proper trailer temperatures are maintained. Items like perfume are also in danger of spoiling or turning sour if temperature conditions are not ideal.

Cosmetics and other personal care products

So, if you think the refrigeration transport services are absolutely necessary for your business you are right. Because the summers are coming. Consider the distance to be travelled and the best temperature and humidity required to preserve your goods before you take a decision based solely on tradition.