Thursday, 4 September 2014

5 Things That Should Be Transported By Refrigerated Trucks

If you thought Refrigerated Trucks are only necessary while transporting fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and frozen foods, think again. Any transport company with refrigerated trucks will tell you that fresh produce, prepared frozen food and dairy items to form the bulk of their clients’ businesses. However, they will also tell you that there are lots of other categories who have already started to realise the need for climate controlled transport service.

refrigerated van

So, who else beyond our usual perishables might benefit from temperature controlled and humidity controlled transport? Here’s just a few to get your brain started on whether your business might also benefit from freezer trucks:

1. Pharmaceuticals – this was probably easy to guess. Vaccines and certain medications must be kept at low temperatures to prevent spoiling. For example, Insulin and the seasonal flu vaccine must be shipped and stored at temperatures between 35˚F and 46˚F (should be in Celsius) to prevent spoilage and contamination. Here low temperatures are not preserving good to eat live produce or frozen snacks – here the temperature is preserving live virus! (Yes, it is week strains of virus that are required to create effective vaccines).


2. Chemicals and engineered materials – For products that use chemicals, like films, adhesives etc, the humidity and heat easily erode the quality of the load unless the climate is controlled. For other chemical products, moisture in the air or high heat could potentially cause a dangerous reaction – in these cases, climate control is in the interest of safety as much as it is quality control.

Chemicals and engineered materials

3. Tobacco products – It is not only viruses, but even cigarettes, cigars, and other high-value tobacco items require strictly controlled temperature levels to preserve freshness and quality. Most tobacco companies are now cutting costs by hiring professional third party refrigerated transport companies instead of maintaining their own fleet.

Tobacco products

4. Fine art and antiques – Art museums take great pains to preserve the quality of the artwork they house. It makes sense that they would apply that same standard of care to its transportation. Controlling humidity and temperature is vital for shipments of art, antiques, collectable vehicles, and other valuable items. These items often travel long distances in a controlled climate of about 70˚F (temp. in Celsius)

Fine art and antiques

5. Cosmetics and other personal care products – I saved the best surprise for the last. Yes, it is cosmetics. This industry depends heavily on refrigerated trucks. Cosmetics, perfumes, and other personal care products must be protected against the possibility of spoilage during the journey from factory to warehouse to store. Lipstick, for example, can easily melt unless proper trailer temperatures are maintained. Items like perfume are also in danger of spoiling or turning sour if temperature conditions are not ideal.

Cosmetics and other personal care products

So, if you think the refrigeration transport services are absolutely necessary for your business you are right. Because the summers are coming. Consider the distance to be travelled and the best temperature and humidity required to preserve your goods before you take a decision based solely on tradition.


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