Tuesday, 30 December 2014

5 Shipping Container Homes That Inspire Your Inner Architect

Modern homes are often a marvel of ingenuity, with their space-saving techniques, interior decor that highlights the best aspects of the home, as well as lighting schemes and other options that can give your home a different look, depending on the time of day. Modern architects are keen to reuse items around them to recycle materials and upcycle existing items.

This is where shipping containers have been used to maximise recycling of old material and boost the modern, chic look of pre-fabricated homes to the max. Let’s look at 5 of the best examples of shipping container homes from around the world.

1] Orange Container Ranch House

Orange Container Ranch House

This excellent example of a modern pre-fabricated shipping container house is a great Idea for those who live out in the middle of nowhere. Its sleek lines and modular design mean that every room in the house looks different from every angle. The multiple full-wall windows bring in ample amount of light during the day and make for perfect evening sunset viewing from the comfort of your fab home.

Made from refrigerated shipping containers, the idea of using existing materials for the construction of a house has come a long way, with modern interior d├ęcor making this house stand out amongst the crowd in terms of a green home.

2] Blue Container Evening Room

Blue Container Evening Room

This fabulous home made from a recycled shipping container has all the great hallmarks of a comfortable and cosy abode. With large windows covering multiple sides of the house, this pretty little blue home makes for a perfect evening read by the fire or a little relaxation time to spend with friends and family.

Built using a single shipping container, this deeply cosy home features a large lounge area, seating for guests as well as a bedroom and bathroom at the far end of the container. It even features a terrace for spending the evening watching the sunset.

3] The New Zealand Beach House

The New Zealand Beach House

This beautifully chic beach house has been constructed in New Zealand on a stunning stretch of beach. Featuring a large open space that looks out over the ocean, this shipping container home has all of the features and amenities you’d expect from any modern house.

Beautifully crafted, intelligently designed, the New Zealand refrigerated shipping container beach house will keep you warm in the evenings and cool during the day. The pitch-perfect beach vacation home!

4] The Forest Cabin Container House

The Forest Cabin Container House

This beautifully crafted shipping container home is the ideal house for anyone who loves to get closer to nature. Featuring reclaimed wood panelling along its walls, large open-walled windows and a second storey, this is truly a dream home. The forest cabin house also features a bedroom that floats over the terrace underneath and includes a larger terrace and viewing platform at the far end.

5] The Shipping Container Mansion

The Shipping Container Mansion

This larger than life shipping container home is one of the largest ever constructed. It includes multiple bedrooms with on-suite bathrooms included, kitchen, living room, dining room and an entertainment room. Built using shipping containers as the base material, the floor plan is extended further with traditional building materials, that turn this ordinary unused box shapes into something truly stunning.

Using recycled materials is a great way to lower the costs of building a home, or making a renovation or extension to an existing property. Why not think of buying an old and unused shipping container to add value to your home as a large shed in the garden, a sun lounge or a simple office located on your property? It could be the ideal place to relax and unwind after a long day.


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