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The Hazards of Food Safety Temperatures While In Transit

We all know that certain foods can leave a bad taste in our mouths, or even make us sick, when not cooked properly, but how do the big supermarkets, grocery stores and wholesalers keep their food fresh and ready in an ever-growing market? The quick answer is with refrigerated trucks and transportation methods, but how they do this is where the real meat in the pie lies.

Food safety

The government has a special department that was set up to help ensure that the food we sell, buy and eventually eat reaches us in prime condition and meets all of the health and safety guidelines. Things like sell-by dates exist to tell shops when the food has passed its prime condition and needs to be consumed or disposed of.

Expiry Dates and Fresh Produce

Expiry dates are used for customers to be notified as to when the products should be consumed by. This ensures that the food doesn’t go bad or make us ill. It is a way to communicate the ideal time between when the fresh produce is picked from the ground, fresh meat is cut and fresh fish is caught and when the clock runs out to eat it.

Expiry Dates
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This entire process is based first on which type of foodstuff it is, and how it should be handled. There are many foods that require special treatment when both preparing and transporting.

Potentially hazardous foods such as raw meat, cooked meat, rice, pasta and other items containing proteins and active ingredients tend to be in danger of containing a selection of nasty microbes and bacteria that multiply with every second that they are left untreated, unrefrigerated or in the open air.

Refrigerated Transportation to the Rescue

OFE Refrigerated exists to provide support for supermarkets, groceries and other companies to transport their food, goods and services using refrigerated trucks and transportation methods. We take the greatest care and consideration when handling, packing and transporting food.

Cool room hire

Using the latest technology at hand, OFE Refrigerated uses temperature-controlled trucks to set the perfect temperature for the goods that they are transporting. For raw meats, this is usually set very low on temperature regulated trucks to allow the meat to be fresh-frozen and delivered to your door in prime condition.

Refrigeration of products extends and prolongs the life of certain foods, which is why refrigerated transportation is the ideal transportation means available for supermarkets and stores who sell potentially hazardous foodstuffs.

The Importance of Food Safety Temperature

Potentially hazardous foodstuffs may sound like a rather strongly worded phrase when it comes to everyday pork sausages and beef burgers, but remember that the hazard is the ability for these foods to go bad and make us sick, not the quality of the food itself.

Food Safety Temperature

Food safety temperatures are a means to avoid the potential of creating waste and giving customers bad produce and to allow food from other parts of the world to be transported safely and securely. Some of the best food safety tips come from the government organisation that deals with food safety standards in Australia and can be found on their website

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