Monday, 4 May 2015

Ever Wondered How To Load A Container Like A Pro?

National and international shipping and transportation wouldn’t be where it is today without the humble shipping container. Built to last the test of time, strong enough to travel the seas and carry all manner of contents to their destinations, modern refrigerated shipping containers and standard containers are sturdy beasts, but loading them in a precise manner is what makes them stronger, here is why:

Load A Container, tailgate loaders

Shipping containers have to be loaded in a very precise way for safety reasons, so that the items in them won’t move around or fall, but you also did know that shipping containers have to be precisely weighted and arranged on the cargo decks of ships as they act like ballast and require a clever pattern on the ship to be able to safely travel.

Loading and Unloaded To Business Fronts

On the streets, deliveries of goods are usually made via pallets that have been specifically loaded and shipping via transport trucks to their destinations. These trucks often have a rear access lift that can bring the pallets down to ground level without the use of a separate piece of equipment.


Tailgate loaders are used by transport and freight companies to lift palletised goods into place. These large and powerful machines are engineered to withstand the heavy weight of each pallet fully loaded, as well as having the ability to easily and safely manoeuvre each pallet down to the ground into place.

Tailgate Loaders or Tailgate Lifters

These tailgate loaders or tailgate lifters as they are sometimes known, are used by many businesses to bring goods to the store front when other heavy lifters such as fork lift trucks are unsuitable. The pallets are then either unpacked and unloaded by hand into the stores, or a pallet truck is used which either relies on electrical power to move or is hand cranked to bring the entire unpacked pallet into the store front or businesses delivery area.

Tailgate Loaders

Shipping containers, on the other hand, have a specific rule set on how they must be loaded, and in what order certain items must be placed, regulations on securing the container as well as unloading and transportation.

Plan Ahead to Pack Your Container Efficiently

The company who ships the container is responsible for the loading and partly for the packing of the container itself. A good shipping company will inform its customers of the safety guidelines and offer help and packing advice. Improper loading can lead to the damage of the goods contained within, so take note and pack your items well.

safety guidelines

Some of the key factors to consider are the weight distribution of the items contained within, cargo compatibility, as well as the optimisation of the space within the container. Plan the packing your container well ahead of your shipping date to ensure that you are not wasting any space. Pack the items safely with dunnage to ensure that your items do not move around and damage themselves during transport.

Unloading Shipping Containers at the Port

Unloading of the container is done by crane if the containers have been shipped by sea, these cranes then stack the containers at the cargo port and await further transportation. Large overhead cranes usually take up the task of loading onto trucks or trains, with forklift trucks offering assistance to load cargo containers to flat-bed trucks for delivery.

Unloading Shipping Containers at the Port

Delivery is usually made by flat-bed truck to its destination where it can be unloaded by forklift truck from the transport vehicle itself, or a specialist unloading mechanism can be used to place the container on a flat and even ground.


If you are interested in using a shipping container to move items across the country or even for international shipping, consult your local professional shipping team such as OFE Refrigerated who can offer you expert advice on packing, transportation as well as the costs involved.

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