Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Rich History of Logistics and Container Transport

Transportation & Logistics
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Getting from A to B in the shortest time possible has been a concern for postal workers, taxi drivers, explorers and even those planned the Apollo missions. But still the question remains with today’s highly interconnected world. Logistics companies worldwide offer the ability to send and receive goods of all sorts in record time thanks to shipping, air freight and local transportation services. But ever thought how did it all began?

Back in the day, the idea of moving goods from one place to another was a necessary task considering there were no means of communication over long distances. Messengers walked or in the case ran (those messenger of Marathon) to deliver their message on time as a service to others.

Ancient Messenger
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The transportation of goods via camel and horseback dates back many, many thousands of years in the middle east, Asia and the European sub-continent and allowed the transportation of messages, goods, and riches along known routes, such as the Silk Road linking Asia with Europe.

Early Logistics Security

With the introduction of carts and coaches, the delivery of goods such as money and gold became a huge target for bandits who knew the regular routes that stagecoaches would take in the Wild West, holding up the drivers to steal their contents. Armed guards were introduced to combat the problems, and by the time motorised transportation flourished, some of the earliest logistics companies took root.

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International transport of goods has a long history on the seas, with some of the first explorers to discover the new world, and as these companies grew they saw money to be made in international shipping of goods and services.

High Tech, Innovative Transportation

In modern age, international logistics is a high tech industry incorporating vans, trucks, planes, helicopters, container ships, the internet, scanning and logging, and now we are starting to see the introduction of drones being able to deliver goods in record time.

Drone Transportation
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International shipping is still the heart of operations for many companies, as large container ships can carry many hundreds of thousands of tons of goods in a single journey, making them hard to beat when it comes to lifting power. Modern implementation of containers allows frozen and refrigerated goods to be transported over large distances thanks to the introduction of refrigerated shipping containers.

Storage Container Transport

These shipping containers can then be handed off to road transportation via truck or van which also allows refrigerated loads, giving people all over the world access to fresh food and perishables no matter where they are.

Tracking shipments
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Modern transportation is both sophisticated and timely thanks to some of these innovations in the sector. Now it is possible to track your shipments from anywhere in the world, keeping you on top of important logistical movements on land, sea and air. Storage container transport remains the biggest industry in logistics, but that may change with micro logistics, drone deliveries and pick-up centres locally to ensure that logistics industry stays strong in an ever growing market.