Thursday, 26 November 2015

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Refrigerated Transport

Refrigerated transport isn’t exactly a subject that people get excited about. Until now, that is! Although container transport is more recognised among people, the transport of frozen goods has been around for centuries and has quite an interesting history. Here are couple of things we’re sure you don’t know about refrigerated transport.

1. Zoo Animals Can Be in the Cargo

It’s not just food and supplies that we truck drivers haul around! How do you think penguins get from point A to point B? Refrigerated trucks are set up especially for the transport of zoo animals like penguins so that they can travel safely between their homes and when they need a change of scenery. On top of that, people would rarely know that an animal ins in transit or was being transported on the motorway next to them, saving all the furor.

Penguin in Snow
Photo by Snowmanradio / CC BY 2.0

2. Refrigerated Vehicles Date Back to 1939

Humans have preserved food for centuries. Ancient civilisations such as the Romans and Greeks stored snow in caves and buried food in it to keep it for longer. In the 1800’s, frozen ice blocks were carried around in the back of wagons and sold. It wasn’t until the 20th century that an American named Frederick McKinley Jones came up with a mechanical cooling system that could be adapted to fit on tractor trailers. 

Frozen Food Transport
Source: Pixabay

3. 90 Percent of Foods in Australia Has Been in a Refrigerated Truck at Some Point

That’s right - refrigerated transport services could be said to be one of the most crucial and important developments of its time, so hats off to Mr. Jones. It’s the reason we can enjoy fresh food every day. In Australia, the impact of refrigerated truck is massive as a mind-wobbling 90 percent of foods are transported by dint of this particular transportation means.

Refrigerated Food
Source: Pixabay

4. Painting and Art Often Needs to be Transported in a Refrigerated Environment

Low temperature and humidity are crucial for the wellbeing of fine art, particularly old pieces. Artists who wish to transport art pieces need to think about this storage and handling issue as failing to do so can impose incurable significant damages on the piece of art. Well, If you’re an aspiring art-theft (just kidding), it’s also something you should keep in mind! 

Food Art
Photo by DcoetzeeBot via Wikimedia Commons

5. The First Mr. Whippy Truck Started In Australia In 1962

Without a doubt the most popular and beloved refrigerated vehicle in history, the Mr. Whippy- manufacturer company and distributor of ice cream and frozen yogurt in Australia and New Zealand - is still going strong in Australia today and its melodic tune is recognisable to both young and old.

Mr. Whippy Van
Photo by Davis Staedtler via Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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