Sunday, 8 May 2016

Prime Movers in Australia

A Prime Mover serves the purpose of hauling a towed load

In Australia, trucking remains the biggest means of transport for dry and refrigerated goods, accounting for some 1.5 billion tonnes of stock being transported by day. What is even more staggering, is that the logistics industry accounts for more than 15% of the country’s total GDP. Trailers and prime movers account for a great proportion - but not all - of the transported goods in this country. Let’s learn a little bit more about prime movers in Australia and their uses.

What is Prime Mover?

The term prime mover has traditionally been given to something mechanical that has great pulling power. With changes in technology and resources this has referred to different things throughout history. Today, however, a prime mover refers to a heavy-duty tractor unit that capable of transporting huge cargo loads over great distances. Prime movers come in many different forms, but generally they are the trucks you see on the freeway pulling large trailers.

Prime Movers are also known as Tractor Unit or Traction Unit

Types of Prime Movers

There are generally two kinds of prime movers widely used in Australia.


A cab style trailer has the engine and bonnet over the front axle, allowing for great vision for the driver, who sits above the front axle. In Australia we have numerous length restrictions on trailers, so a cab model that is used far less in other parts of the world is quite popular here. To maximise length, this model (called the ‘cab-over’) has a stubbier nose to the point where the front of the truck is vertical and the driver sits much higher. This means you can attach a longer trailer than you would be able to with a convectional model.


Axle prime movers are characterised by the fact that they have usually have multiple axles, meaning they are better suited to heavy-haulage over long distances. Basically speaking, these are your heavy duty prime movers. In Australia, axle prime movers are generally 6x4 units and have 3 axles.

 Different versions of Prime Movers have diverse use in transport industry

What are Prime Movers Used for?

Being known for their pulling power, prime movers transport the bulk of Australian goods around the country. For big companies and even smaller to medium sized businesses, it is far more cost-effective to transport large quantities of stock, so it’s usually a case of the bigger the truck, the better. This being the case, prime movers are used to transport basically everything, including refrigerated, chilled and dry goods.

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